Frequently Asked Questions

Is WYS HR software secure?

Yes. Data security is our highest priority. We understand that your information is important and confidential that’s why we make sure we encrypt all your data to protect your information.

Will the software work on my mobile or tablet?

Yes. You could access the software through any browser using a mobile, tablet, or PC.

How much training do my employees need?

WYS HR software is designed to be user-friendly. That’s why, we assure that your employees will find WYS HR software easy to use.

How is support provided? Who do I contact for support?

Our support is available via our support Portal. We respond to most requests within 4-8 business hours, urgent requests are prioritized and responded to immediately. Our support hours are 8AM - 6PM Monday-Saturday). Minor issues and requests are mostly resolved on the same day.

What kind of server do you provide?

We provide a cloud-based server. It is a virtual and remote server that allows you to store, manage, and process your data via the internet and also ensures that all your data are safe and secure.

Can you integrate with other solutions?

Yes. We can integrate and customize the software for you, as long as you provide us with all the necessary details that are needed to implement the integration and customization.

Can I have a trial?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer free trials. However, if you book a demo, we can provide you a more detailed information and we would answer all your queries regarding the software. To book a demo, visit:

Will WYS HR Software fit our current HR policies?

Yes. WYS HR Software is designed to build on your current enterprise structures and policies. Its flexibility allows you to customized the system to meet your organization’s needs.

Is WYS HR software compliant with legislation?

WYS HR Software is fully compliant with the laws and regulations. This provides you with the flexibility that you need to manage the payroll in an automated way while ensuring compliance with the laws and regulations.

How will you understand my company in detail?

Upon the implementation process, the point of contact from your company will have a meeting with our team to discuss in detail the processes and policies of your company. Our team will continuously communicate with you until everything is settled.

Can I create reports in WYS HR Software?

Yes. We have standard reports that you could generate. However, if you want to create a report that is not included in our list, we could develop it for you as long as you provide us with necessary details regarding the report.