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Technology has changed Human Resourse Management System. Through WYS HRMS software Philippines, you can map your organization human resource model to reflect your own enterprise structures and policies. WYS HRMS can be customized as per your organization's need. This Online HRIS model lets you record the Attendance data, Absentee & Leave Management, personal, work, and pay information for all the employees.

Cloud based HRMS module is both flexible and adaptable. It is flexible, so that you can reflect the needs of different companies, or different groups within the same company. It is adaptable, so that you can easily change the basic model as your enterprise changes. It reflects on all the aspects of HR of your organization and keep the data and records accurately to give you appropriate HRMS reports and Analysis.

We Service Hr Software to Davao, Cebu, Angeles, Makati, Pasig, Manila, Quezon City Areas

Feature of HR Software Philippines

HRM (Human Resources Management)

HRM (Human Resources Management)

  • Employee Management
  • Employee Joining Details
  • Employee Date of Birth
  • Employee Resignation Details
  • Employee Reporting Details
  • Employee Access Card Details
  • Weekly Off Details

Leave & Absentee functions

  • Information on Leave & Absentee
  • Leave applications
  • Leave Types
  • Configurable Leave Rules
  • Leave Processing and Approval Process
  • Online Leave Management
  • Employee Out Duty Management
  • Leave Reports
  • Effective and efficient Performance Management System (PMS)
Leave & Absentee functions
ATMS (Attendance Management System)

ATMS (Attendance Management System)

  • Shift Management with patterns
  • Attendance Recording
  • Auto Integration with Bio-Metric Attendance Machine
  • Profile based Menu access
  • Attendance re-processing
  • Country specific Holiday definition
  • Secure with user name and password


Leave & Absentee functions
Employee Self-Service

Employee Self-Service

  • Calendar
  • Application & Approval for Leave, Comp-off & Out Duty
  • Employee Self Information
  • View Pay slip
  • Request Claim
  • Reports
  • View Income Tax computations
  • Real-time punch in and out Attendance System for employees working from home/remote employees

Key Benefits of HR Software Philippines

Key Benefits

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HRM module is a comprehensive platform with end-to-end integration of modules, facilitating employees

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